Guangxi wuzhou guangdong - guangxi cooperation special pilot area tangyuan sewage treatment plant


Wuzhou tangyuan sewage treatment plant project is located in jiangnan area of guangdong and guangxi cooperation special pilot area,the project includes sewage collection network works、sewage treatment plant project and tailwater ecological wetland deep treatment project three parts. The sewerage area mainly includes industrial wastewater and domestic sewage from industrial enterprises in jiangnan area, a special pilot zone for guangdong and guangxi cooperation, domestic sewage from tangyuan village and longhu new village. The treatment scale of sewage treatment plant phase I is 20 thousand tons/day, the scale of the first phase of the ecological wetland treatment system is 20 thousand tons/day, effluent quality of sewage treatment plantIt has reached the level A standard in pollutant discharge standard of urban sewage treatment plant, After treatment by the ecological wetland system, the water quality of surface water class III is met.