Nano Ceramic Membrane Wastewater Treatment Technique(NCMT)

Nano Ceramic Membrane Wastewater Treatment Technique(NCMT)(图1)

Nano Ceramic Membrane Wastewater Treatment Technique (NCMT)

Technology introduction

Nano ceramic membrane wastewater treatment technique (NCMT) is a new waste water treatment technique composed by Nano-ceramic membrane separation technology and MBR biological technology used the fifth generation of Nano-ceramic technology to produce flat Nano ceramic membrane. This technology take advantage of the characteristics of Nano ceramic membrane, by controlling the concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), mixed liquid suspended solids (MLSS) can realize simultaneous nitrification and  de-nitrification (SND) and biological phosphorus removal, thus reducing energy consumption and achieving the purpose of energy saving. The technology is mainly applied to domestic sewage, industrial waste water, water recycling, slaughter of farming waste water, rural sewage treatment.

Process Characteristics

u  High activated sludge concentration, up to 10000mg/L, achieving high efficiency removal of pollutants, energy saving

u  Achieving SND at low dissolved oxygen concentration

u  Stable effluent water quality and reclaimed water reuse system

u  Small space floor and low construction cost

u  Automatic operation with low operating cost and less excess sludge

u  Not easy to block membrane system with over 15 years of service life

Scope of Application

u  Municipal sewageupgrading and reconstruction

u  Domestic wastewater

u  Industrial wastewater

u  Reuse of reclaimed water

u  Slaughter and breeding wastewater

u  Rural and small town sewage treatment